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Hiring Cowlitz Electric means working with a knowledgeable staff who will provide you with quality work that’s Always Guaranteed!
Always Guaranteed!
At Cowlitz Electric we pride ourselves in our quality work and honest, fair pricing. Cowlitz Electric will go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with our service!
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Our services

  • Shop / Pole Barn Wiring
    Do you have enough power to run all your tools? Electrical wiring for a new shop of any size is a unique job. You need to make sure you have...
  • Septic Systems
    Outdoor Septic Systems Septic systems are often times installed with new construction. The electrical installation of a septic system is crucial and must be completed by a licensed and trained...
  • New Service Install
    Is it time to upgrade the electrical service in your home? Many old homes have 100 amp service while homes that are relatively new generally have 200 amp. With the...
  • Heating and Cooling – Electrical Install
    Cowlitz Electric will install the wiring required for your new heating and cooling system. We can hookup up your new furnace or new heat pump. This usually consists of installing a...
  • Commercial Lighting Retrofit
    Lighting technology has come a long way in the last decade! There are MANY benefits to a commercial lighting retrofit. Improved lighting Long-lasting bulbs Ballast elimination Energy savings Government incentives...
  • Electrical Remodeling Projects
    Are you preparing for a home upgrade or remodel? If you are remodeling or upgrading your home, you will need a licensed electrical contractor. It's risky to attempt to complete...
  • Electrical New Construction Services
    Are you building a new home or planning a renovation? If so, you will need Electrical New Construction Services. Electrical New Construction Service is a key component of a successful...
  • Temporary Power Pole Installation
    Do you need temporary power to build your new home? Temporary power poles are required when you need power to build your new home. These enable the contractors to plug...
  • Panel Upgrades
    Is your electrical panel big enough to handle all of your electrical needs? Your electrical panel needs to be big enough to handle your family’s electrical needs. If you add...

Our team

Meet our team of licensed technicians and electrical professionals