Temporary Power Pole Installation

Do you need temporary power to build your new home?

Temporary power poles are required when you need power to build your new home. These enable the contractors to plug in their tools to get the work done. Cowlitz Electric custom builds temporary power to suit your specific requirements, even if you also need RV power on your new home site!

Cowlitz Electric will rent you the power pole for 1 year while you are building your new home. Included in that one time fee is set up, permit, and pick up of the temporary power pole. They come pre-assembled with 2 20amp GFCI receptacles. We can add an RV receptacle or a 220 amp receptacle, depending on your builders needs. 


The following list will help you understand the requirements and steps necessary to have temporary power installed at your site.

The temporary power pole must:

  • be set to local code by a licensed electrician.
  • meet minimum amp requirements, generally 60 amp.
  • have a minimum of two outlets.

Once the temporary power pole is installed:

  • Cowlitz Electric will obtain a permit for the temporary power pole.
  • The electrical inspector will visit the site and approve the temporary power configuration, or require revisions
  • Once everything is approved a sticker is placed on the pole.
  • The homeowner calls the power company to come out and turn on the power.
    • This could take up to one week, so make sure that timeline is included in the project plan.

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